July 28, 2014

So this was a thing: Euclid Square News

Here's an edition of "Euclid Square News" from September 8th, 1983.

Inside it has advertisements of stores in the mall (The Craft Showcase, Doctor Pet Center, So~Fro Fabrics, Fun n Games, Susie's Casuals, Father & Son, Winkelman's, Stride Rite Bootery, Kay Bee Toys, Chess King, Kinney, World Bazaar, Bermans, Musicland, DOC Optical, GNC, Zondervan Family Bookstores, Rogers Jewlers, Foxmoor, Hit or Miss, Koening Sporting Goods, Regal Shoes, Merry Go Round,  J. Riggings, Broadview Savings, Continental Federal Savings, Bakers, Frederick's of Hollywood, Jeans West, Thom McAn, Gift Garden, Small Stuff, Things Remembered, American Girl, Dunkin Jewelers, CVS, the Diamond Company, Faflik Shoes, Guys n Gals, the Gap, Homemaker Shops, Flowerama, American Dental Centers, My Fair Lady)

A restaurant guide (Bresler's, Beef Corral, Burger King, Carousel Snack Bar, Frontier Fruit & Nut Co,, Helen Hutchley's, Hickory Farms, Higbee's Atrium Restaurant, Hough Bakeries, Karmelkorn Shoppe, May Company's Three Crowns, Orange Julius, Red Lobster, York Steakhouse)

And some upcoming events.  If you're a mall nostalgic like myself, download and enjoy your trip back into retail nirvana.

Euclid Square (Mall) News

July 20, 2014

History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part V: Mr. Chicken

Mr. Chicken

On April 7 1982 the ads changed names, and not much else, to Mr. Chicken.
Even their logo is still the same! Impressive! This last ad is from 04-03-1986:
 Fast forward to 1989 and while the other locations are operational, 27101 Euclid Avenue is for sale.

July 19, 2014

History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part IV: Famous Recipe Chicken

See Part I: 1964 - 1967/8 Happy Charlie
See Part II: 1968 - 1971 Roy Rogers
See Part III: 1971 - 1973 Love's Restaurants

Roy Rogers, then Love's, now Famous Recipe Chicken!

Here's the boastful ad from May 2, 1973, note three of the locations also belonged to RR and Love's.
Famous Recipe Chicken stayed at the Cleveland, Euclid, Willoughby and Maple Hts. locations for nearly a decade. Here's a patriotic Independence day ad from 1981.
The two locations we've not seen before at 5424 Northfield Rd. in Maple Heights, and 11680 Snow Rd. in Parma. Both of these buildings look the same and both, as of this publish date, are in operation as Mr. Chicken restaurants.

March 26 1982: the last Famous Recipe Chicken ad I can find is run in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The name is changed then to Mr. Chicken. At that time, there were 13 locations that underwent this change, one of them being, of course, 27101 Euclid Avenue.

Interesting enough, there's a place in existence Called Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, and there's quite a few in Ohio and surrounding states.
Look familiar?

Famous Recipe Chicken, 1973 - 1982.

See Part V: 1982 - 1989 Mr. Chicken

History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part III: Love's Restaurants

See Part I: 1964 - 1967/8 Happy Charlie
See Part II: 1968 - 1971 Roy Rogers
Within 48 days of Roy Roger's last ad comes the same address, 27101 Euclid Avenue, being a place called Love's Restaurant. In addition to the Euclid location, Bedford Hts., Cleveland, Willoughby, and Mentor at all now included locations. From May 22, 1971.
New fast food chain my eye.
New! Delightfully different! Exciting atmosphere! Taken from the May 22, 1971 Plain Dealer.
Love's Restaurants - 07-22-1971
Hold your gasps - they serve roast beef. But whoa, a 28 by 43" black light love poster for 55 cents? Please tell me someone out there in the interwebs still HAS one of these!!

Ahem. Oh and notice all 9 locations also old Roy Rogers locations. So they serve roast beef like Roy Rogers, and chicken, too!
You want chicken or a whoopin? 09-01-1972
Did the food taste like, exactly the same as the old Roy Rogers? Yet they told everyone "new" and "exciting"?

Something goes South between September 1972 and January 1973, because in the January 14, 1973 newspaper there's an ad auctioning off everything from the Euclid, Willoughby, and Cleveland location. Oops.

Snaps. What happened? Love's Restaurants, 27101 Euclid Ave., Euclid, 1971 - 1973.

See Part IV: 1973 - 1982 Famous Recipe Chicken 
See Part V: 1982 - 1989 Mr. Chicken

History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part II: Roy Rogers

See Part I: 1964 - 1967/8 Happy Charlie
Happy Charlie's is closed and very soon after the building that's now The Sidewalk Cafe at 27101 Euclid Avenue becomes a Roy Rogers! Below is an ad from December 18, 1968 announcing the new Euclid location.

Roy Rogers, the restaurant, is sort of a thing of lore to me. I've heard of them but I've never seen one. I remember being very young and being in the Beef Corral that's now where the Arby's sits on Vine Street, but that about sums up my experiences with fast food roast beef. It's interesting there used to be one within a couple miles of my house... well, a couple miles and 47 years...

Here they are in January 1969 advertising jobs... but unlike Happy Charlie who went looking for gals, they wanted men only plz.
Thanks to a May 21, 1969 ad I get confirmation, through my research, that the [current] Mr. Chicken in Willoughby was also converted to a Roy Rogers.
10-28-1970 because roast beef special.
You know Roy Rogers is still alive and well, right? Here's the last ad I could find where this location, the Willoughby location, and all others are still branded Roy Rogers:
It's from April 4, 1971.

The question I have is, was Happy Charlie a conception by Marriott, the company behind Roy Rogers? Or did they simply purchase a small, failing idea? Let's ask the architecture...

27101 Euclid Ave., Euclid
35901 Euclid Ave., Willoughby
 *5235 Northfield Rd., Bedford Hts, Ohio is now a Lube Stop*
*17439 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio is now a parking lot*
*1227 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio is now a U-Haul parking lot*
4048 Lincoln Way East, Massillon
24 West Ave., Tallmadge
9031 Mentor Ave., Mentor
*3104 Cleveland Avenue Northwest, Canton, Ohio is a newly built KFC*

All the buildings have the same sloping roofs, do the others look close enough to the Willoughby and Euclid locations? There are other Roy Rogers restaurants, or former locations, outside of Ohio that look a lot like Willoughby and Euclid.

27101 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio. Roy Rogers 1968 - 1971.

See Part III: 1971 - 1973 Love's Restaurants
See Part IV: 1973 - 1982 Famous Recipe Chicken
See Part V: 1982 - 1989 Mr. Chicken

July 18, 2014

History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part I: Happy Charlie's

Sidewalk Cafe, 27101 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio 44132
We were driving past the other day, and Guy remarked that he wondered if the Sidewalk Cafe was built as a McDonald's [because of the roof shape]. I didn't think this was the case, but it does have an interesting history and one I was completely unaware of.

Very recently the colors went from the orange, tan and brown scheme to the black and yellow. On a personal note, I preferred the former colors.

Let's begin at the beginning.

09-13-1964, a restaurant called Happy Charlie is proposed, and posts a want ad for staff. 

By 10-04-1964, they are directing applicants to the location of the actual restaurant, 27101 Euclid Avenue.
Here we see a slight change of things, Mr. Haslam is the man to see in May, by August, it's Mr. Freeman. Mr. Haslam will pop back up eventually, though.
Fast forward to October, 1965, and the higher ups have big ideas for Happy Charlie restaurants, including 24 new locations, according to Gregory S. Thomas, GM of the chain, and former general superintendent of Manner's Big Boy. 
Big Charlie hamburgers... Mmmm.

Here's the part you kids of the 60's may remember:
The company's trademark is a 4 1/2 foot replica of a grinning Polynesian who invites youngsters to rub his fat stomach to make their wishes come true.

Holy shit. A wish granting Buddha. But wait, all 24 ill-fated locations will be modeled after the restaurant at 35901 Euclid Ave. in Willoughby... But today, that's Mr. Chicken... and oh my... they're identical! I've lived in this area for 3+ decades and would have never spotted this.
Source: Google Maps [is a real bro]
12-04-1965 finds Happy Charlie's looking to hire some members of the fairer sex
13 months after the expansion teaser comes the last want ad I can find for Happy Charlie, November 13, 1966.
 On August 25, 1967, it is mentioned King Kirby and Dick Kemp of WIXY will be at the Euclid Happy Charlie location. Sometime between then and December of that same year, Happy Charlie, along with it's dream of duodecupling in size, disappear.

If you Google "Happy Charlie" restaurant, you don't find much... I did come across something pretty neat though. They're 3", one brown one white, Buddha charms made of plastic. On they back they read:
I'm Happy Charlie rub my tummy and make a wish

RIP Happy Charlie, 1964 - 1967/8. Anyone have any memories of Happy Charlie's restaurant?

See Part II: 1968 - 1971 Roy Rogers
See Part III: 1971 - 1973 Love's Restaurants 
See Part IV: 1973 - 1982 Famous Recipe Chicken 
See Part V: 1982 - 1989 Mr. Chicken

September 4, 2013

Geauga Lake Fly-Over

This isn't Euclid, but I thought I'd share a really interesting fly-over that was uploaded to YouTube a couple weeks ago. So sad to see how Cedar Fair "dealt" with this property.

Footage of Geauga Lake/Six Flags in Aurora, Ohio, as seen August 2013.


August 27, 2013

Dillards Euclid Square Mall CLOSING September 2013

A long time coming, it seems Dillard's will be closing their Euclid Square Mall clearance center.

It's really a shame! It was pretty common knowledge the lease was up in 2013, but I'm still a little surprised they're closing this location. The prices were amazing and they appeared to do a steady business.

 Architectural drawing of Higbee store exterior at Euclid Square Mall. Source: Cleveland Memory Project

The Euclid Square mall Dillard's store opened as a Higbee's in 1977. The transformation to a Dillard's started in 1988 and was complete by 1992.

The other major anchor was long gone when Dillard's officially closed it's second floor in 2002.

Dillard's circa 2005. Source: me

The store is selling off remaining inventory and is expected to be closed by the end of September 2013.

October 10, 2012


So I got a really neat comment today on my other blog, which is comprised of completely different content from this blog (which, I guess, could be the "dead dead Euclid blog") but I make no "bones" that I run them both.

Please get this info to Jen.
I was always a fan of your pictures and coverage of Euclid Square Mall.
I spent a lot of time and quarters there in the eighties.
Do a google search for: screening for “euclid square mall project”.
I guess tomorrow October 11 at 7:00pm, an artist named Jef Scharf is going to present him documentary on the mall.
I still think you should get the credit for keeping the mall on the web!!!
Have a good Halloween.
I thought this was a rather nice surprise to get in my email. I feel guilty about not continuing with the DE blog as I had originally planned in 2005 when I started it. To know that I'm remembered as the one who first got Euclid Square Mall out there for the general masses to see feels good. I've gotten countless comments ranging from genuine nostalgia to people who were actually in upper management in the mall's heyday to folks just looking for a little empty mall fix, and I've enjoyed talking to all those people.

One of those people that contacted me a while back now is the artist listed above, Jef Scharf. We talked and even sort of made plans to actually meet up but it never came to be. He sent me oodles of pictures of things from the Euclid Square Mall "archives" INSIDE the mall offices and yeah, it was cool stuff. I have a few of my own mementos but I've never gotten anything but a hard time from mall management, so I was kind of turned off at that point, like anyone else would be.

I don't agree with the point of view that the mall's transformation of "the cathedrals of capitalism to actual cathedrals," is a "dramatic evolution". In fact, it does nothing for me. Perhaps as an artist, this sort of thing is fascinating. The problem is the mall was designed and built to be retail space. A hulking space that was supposed to be pulling its own weight, not weighting the area around it down. Euclid Square Mall has been sinking since the late 1990's and nothing has fixed it, and what can?

Filling it 60 some percent with churches may be better than it sitting empty, so cold you can see your breath as you walk past the dark reminders of a better economy (and a time when Euclid had a better reputation?), but sorry if I can't be enthused about the artistic side of it.

Euclid, Ohio has enough jokes and negative remarks pelted at it, sometimes by the children or grandchildren of the people that used to own fucking homes here, that used to make it a nice place to live. Now a mall filled with churches?

The owner, Ted Lichko, has been the owner since before I started this blog. He owns furniture stores as well, those, I assume, make a profit. How can anybody afford to own a mall that likely hasn't made any serious money for over a decade? It's never ever added up to me. 

I was asked years ago now to take down the whole blog. The basis for this request from the mall owner's "guy" was, and I quote:

Now, to the future... I am sure most people will understand that, in the process of negotiations, it is completely inappropriate, unethical, and just plain bad business sense to publicly disclose the nature of the negotiations until they are complete, and all parties agree to a public announcement. So, this severely limits my ability to comment.

What I ~can~ say is that there are not one but several very real and promising development proposals on the table for the Mall, and the time for revitalization draws ever closer. In real estate, the long time frames can be deceptive, and easily misinterpreted as non-action; this is absolutely not the case.

We have an excellent working relationship with the City of Euclid, and are very grateful for it. Euclid and MCM obviously share mutual interest in the success of the Mall, in terms of bringing trade, tax revenue, and jobs into the city. This is critical, and all parties involved are taking it seriously.

As a side note, I want to mention that the redevelopment of the old PMX property (our neighbor) is well on its way, and Euclid stands to benefit greatly from this as well. We fully anticipate both properties emerging as a bright spot of commerce for the city.

I hope this, at minimum, gives a more clear perspective as to what is taking place regarding Euclid Square Mall- there is no deadness to it! 

Hallelujah! The Mall has Risen!

October 22, 2011

Who Needs Yard Signs?

When you can just slip a tiny sign behind a bigger sign at the post office? (This was up one day and torn down by the next...)

October 19, 2011

Arthur Treachers Restaurant: What's Going In There?

I got a commenter today telling me that something is going into the Arthur Treachers that closed in January of 2011.

Well anon, you're right. They've gutted the place and are in the process of adding some decorative bits on the front, the name is of course completely escaping me now. Turrets?

I figured I'd snap some pictures when it's all done but I think it is a Happy's Pizza going in.

*Warning: Copious amounts of Flash and embedded sound. Click at your own risk.

June 21, 2011

Bank One: Revisited

I first went and took pictures of the Bank One on the Euclid Square Mall property in  January of 2006. It was long abandoned and it looked as such. I went back this past March (2011) and tried to get a few more shots to show how this building is, well, "progressing".

Fast forward 5 years and 2 months of sun, rain and snow and this is what you're left with:

Click for larger...

Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid
Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid
Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid
Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid

I would have gotten more pictures but I sort of got chased away by the boys in red (Ford Rangers). I don't know why they care... it's not like I'm some dumbass spray painting "Outlaw" on private property. That one must have slipped through their fingers.

I'll get more, though. I have a lot of revisiting to do. Lots of pictures to come this summer.

Chilling to see it in person though... kind of actually scary to walk under this as it's dripping and generally sagging and looking sad. Water is really attacking this place.

Bank One,Euclid Square Mall,Dead Euclid
2006 vs. 2011

June 8, 2011

Great Lakes Expo Center Closing


Great Lakes Expo Center, opened in early 2010, is soon to be a thing of the past. Typical ignorant comments can be found at source above.

Yeah... so feelings on the Lincoln Electric turbine?

June 7, 2011

2 Quick Pictures

The first, after the Omni Park fire.

Second... the HUGE turbine fan erected by Lincoln Electric.

March 11, 2011

The 2011 Elections

Looks like there are 4 mayoral candidates in the running to be Euclid's mayor in 2011.

Bill Cervenik (Facebook)
Christopher Litwinowicz (Facebook)
Charlene Mancuso (Facebook)
Jack Johnson (Facebook)
Terence McClerkin  See comments

Not a very strong web presence at the moment, but I suppose it's still early. Initial thoughts?

 Source: 2011 Municipal Candidates at the Cuyahoga County BOE