Something's Being Rebuilt

Sorry I go months without posting. Sadly, there usually isn't anything to report.

Taco Bell was demolished and is being rebuilt. Off the top of my head, empty buildings in Euclid include a Pizza Hut, Pennzoil, Wendy's and many small buildings and units, including what looks like it was a K-Mart. It's a massive structure set back off Euclid Ave. near 260th. If you know what this place was and I'm completely off base, drop me a line.

I have gone into the Arabica numerous times and it's great. I really hope they do well. It's nice to have something local to visit and hand some cash over to. Euclid also has the nice new Dunkin Donuts near E. 222nd, and a Walgreen's across the street.

I haven't gone into the mall in forever. I see someone was nice enough to smash out some of the door glass, which has since been replaced with wood, then painted black, for the time being. I really don't understand why someone would do that, but it just goes to show you that some people simply don't care.