Some Photos.. and a Video!

Last night, Dick Goddard told me we'd be getting 1 to 4" of snow today. He was right. So we decided to go out in it and take some photos. I get strange urges at stupid times because I'm an odd little monkey like that.

At any rate, have some visual candy compliments of me and my really understanding boyfriend who drives the very light red coupe in the snow for me.

Here's the old Wendy's fast food burger joint. Like I said a few entries back, it's back in business, just not as a Wendy's... so A+.

Here's our new Dollar General. This was a Euclid PD substation for a little while. Again, A+.

They knocked down our ratty old Taco Bell and built this shiny new one. I love tacos, and I love our new Taco Bell. They still mess up my order but that's become part of the Taco Bell Experience. A++!

Here's the old familiar exit sign that's adorned the top of this blog since 2005. If they ever decide to get rid of it, I hope they give it to me (and I'm a nice girl, so they should).

And here's a video, just driving around the mall with me running my mouth. I figured since a lot of visitors used to live here, they might get a kick out of seeing the mall again.

Also, I get a ton of comments at my Fotki photo albums... don't be afraid to comment here as well! I want opinions, memories, information or just yell at me, whatever peels the banana!

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Thanks and enjoy!