Aren't you guys sweet.

A nice anonymous commenter told me the giant, empty building at the corner of East 260th and Euclid Avenue was built as a Clarkin's (good luck finding anything out about this place if you're simply not old enough to remember it yourself) turned K-Mart. Closed as Clarkin's in the mid to late 1970's, vacant for a few years and then opened as a K-Mart in the 1980's. I have no clue when it closed and I don't think it's been anything since.

So of course, I uploaded photos. Click the picture to get there:

Also! The boy toy found this link which I think a lot of readers will find interesting... we certainly did: Municipal Finance and Sustainable Development, a case study of Severance Town Center and Euclid Square Mall.

It's a PDF so have Adobe Reader blah blah blah you should know how to use the Internet by now.

Additionally, the Wendy's turned soul food restaurant has closed as of April 2007. The grand opening sign is still hanging on the building.

Oh, and if you have any photos of anything that would excite me and is related to Euclid, please, send them to me.

Ok, that's all. Have a good holiday and don't blow all your fingers off.