Euclid Square Ads + Some lolz.

Here's some mall eye candy for you ESM junkies.

Click them and they get heap big.

This is from some sort of promotional pamphlet. 1977. I love that "may co." can be seen in the background.

This is from the same pamphlet. It's hard to believe now that the mall had so much to offer.

I've got a few more things to put up here eventually.

Now onto something I personally found to be rather amusing.

Checking my traffic tracker I see 3 consecutive links from!

I go to check it out thinking I'm in trouble AGAIN and what do ya know. Turns out I was providing a forum for fans of Ed!

Yes! Click here is the Dead Euclid blog!

Now it wouldn't be so funny if all 6 comments were pro-Ed but only one is and the moment I got it I though honestly he, or a close buddy, wrote it. Just sayin'.

I got a brand new camera (the best one ever, an SLR, not a point and shoot) and I totally know what I'm doing with it now. Once the powers that be get done with me, I'll try to get out and shoot some stuff. Lots has changed (the Dollar General complex got a new facade. Weee hee!) and there's stuff I never got around to shooting in the first place.

Finally, a whole new layout is in the works, so click those freaking feeds for a change.


Happy Thanksgiving.

Oh, and... Hi Chuck and Christine! I'll put some thought into those Dead Euclid t-shirts ;)