2 Euclid establishments closing; BP expanding...

Alexanders Restaurant, located at 22305 Lake Shore Blvd. closed, serving their last supper (ah ha ok bad joke) this past December 24th. BP bought up the property and they're set to expand that BP. Next to a Walgreens?... That was my first thought.

More here: http://blog.cleveland.com/euclidsunjournal/2007/12/euclid_alexanders_restaurant_t.html

Leah, a reader, said Value City at 22400 Shore Center Dr. is also closing. I googled and someone said it was slated to become a Burlington Coat Factory. This doesn't make a lot of sense, seeing how buildings in this area usually stay empty, but I realize "downtown" Euclid is much different from my neck of the woods (you know, the East end), so thanks to Leah for the heads up.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year.