Responses and a couple articles.

Why don't you head to Downtown Euclid/Shore Center Area? Have you seen the devastation there lately? Value City, May Wah Chinese Restaraunt, The old Daves Building. And those are the just the ones I can see out of my window on a daily basis!

I'll try to send my lovely photo fill in around the city to get photos of the downtown area. I've always concentrated on the Euclid Ave. area because it's really just awful looking.

Well, your blog is called "Dead Euclid", why not take photos of the decrepit sides of Euclid?

I don't have that kind of time. (lol)

Perhaps talk about the positives of Euclid? Is there any?....Anyway whats the current status of the Outlet usa? What Buisnesses are still operating if any?

I'm sure there's plenty. We have a great fireworks display. Outlets USA is a sign on a building.

...there were about 20 cars clustered around the Dillard's outlet and the rest of the lot was M-T! She heard on a bargain site that Outlets USA was still in there.

Yup, Dillard's is there, and outlets has been gone for over 2 years now. Last I knew for sure there was a hair salon in there, too. I can't honestly say what else is still there and the mall's website hasn't been updated in forever.

Maybe a status report on what is actually in the mall besides the church I heard about a couple months ago. I overheard at Great Clips was they rent the mall out for parties. If you walk upto the doors, are they locked or what? Everyone I know who lives in Euclid said "nothing" is in there and think the whole mall (except Dillard's) is closed.

You can use the Euclidian room for gatherings, I think.

Whenever we'd go to the mall it was hit or miss with the doors being locked. I would think they still leave the doors open for the mall walkers. It's chilly up there in the wintertime. You wouldn't go up there to shop. Dillard's, yes, but that's all you'll find unless you want your "hair did".

mall for sale! anyone got a spare $17.75 million?

A deal at half the price.

I second the suggestion of downtown. There is alot going on there. Also updated pictures of other empty buildings in euclid. Or new pictures of the mall thats only open for dillards and the euclidian room.

Sadly it'd really be the same photos with a different camera (of the mall). Downtown on the way, soon, I hope!

Love your site...I look at it all the time. I would love to see pictures of Euclid Beach Park...maybe where some old rides used to be...the pier...stuff like that.

Thanks! I love my readers! I'll see what I can do about getting some Euclid Beach photos up.

I enjoy your site and posts. I grew up in Eastlake (North High Class of 1990) before joining the Air Force and moving away forever. It's sad to see whats happen ed to the places that I used to go hang out, not only ESM but Randall Park Mall as well. My friends and I were definitely mallrats.

Anyways, keep up the good work. I like all aspects of 'urban decay', be it an old mall or a closed Wendys or gas station!!!

Thanks! ENHS class of 1998 here, woot! (Go North, beat South?)

It is indeed sad. The thing about the area and I live very close to this mall is that most of the people around are decent, hardworking folks. It's a safe, quiet, "normal" neighborhood just 2 minutes from ESM, not the burnt out, forgotten about nowheresville I'd personally expect.

Urban decay is amazing and a big part of the reason I started this in the first place. Photo ops. Check rural ruin, too (Rural Ruin on LiveJournal is a great place for some eye candy)

Couple more things that may be of interest:

Losing people and dollars $1 million at stake if population dips below 50,000

I think my favorite part of the article is this quote from Mayor Cervenik:

"We're not going to lose it, first, we're going to work with the census takers, and we're going to make sure they count every single person in Euclid."

First off, duh, and second, I'm picturing Euclid politicians overseeing all the census counting and being like, "You missed that little girl over there. No, yes you did. OMG COUNT THAT LITTLE GIRL RIGHT NOW."

And finally for the zomg mall crowd: Mall Could Become School. I don't know what's going on with the trucking school. Seems some sort of educational institution is destined for Euclid Square, though.

Going to school at the mall. It's like ice cream for breakfast!