History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part III: Love's Restaurants

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Within 48 days of Roy Roger's last ad comes the same address, 27101 Euclid Avenue, being a place called Love's Restaurant. In addition to the Euclid location, Bedford Hts., Cleveland, Willoughby, and Mentor at all now included locations. From May 22, 1971.
New fast food chain my eye.
New! Delightfully different! Exciting atmosphere! Taken from the May 22, 1971 Plain Dealer.
Love's Restaurants - 07-22-1971
Hold your gasps - they serve roast beef. But whoa, a 28 by 43" black light love poster for 55 cents? Please tell me someone out there in the interwebs still HAS one of these!!

Ahem. Oh and notice all 9 locations also old Roy Rogers locations. So they serve roast beef like Roy Rogers, and chicken, too!
You want chicken or a whoopin? 09-01-1972
Did the food taste like, exactly the same as the old Roy Rogers? Yet they told everyone "new" and "exciting"?

Something goes South between September 1972 and January 1973, because in the January 14, 1973 newspaper there's an ad auctioning off everything from the Euclid, Willoughby, and Cleveland location. Oops.

Snaps. What happened? Love's Restaurants, 27101 Euclid Ave., Euclid, 1971 - 1973.

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