History Lesson: Sidewalk Cafe Part IV: Famous Recipe Chicken

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Roy Rogers, then Love's, now Famous Recipe Chicken!

Here's the boastful ad from May 2, 1973, note three of the locations also belonged to RR and Love's.
Famous Recipe Chicken stayed at the Cleveland, Euclid, Willoughby and Maple Hts. locations for nearly a decade. Here's a patriotic Independence day ad from 1981.
The two locations we've not seen before at 5424 Northfield Rd. in Maple Heights, and 11680 Snow Rd. in Parma. Both of these buildings look the same and both, as of this publish date, are in operation as Mr. Chicken restaurants.

March 26 1982: the last Famous Recipe Chicken ad I can find is run in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The name is changed then to Mr. Chicken. At that time, there were 13 locations that underwent this change, one of them being, of course, 27101 Euclid Avenue.

Interesting enough, there's a place in existence Called Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken, and there's quite a few in Ohio and surrounding states.
Look familiar?

Famous Recipe Chicken, 1973 - 1982.

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